{November 23, 2009}   WUZOP MA GANGSTAS


do not take anything of ppls pages do not change pages do not change themes plz okay oh and just have fun..!!! oh and wen u sign up   plz use ur dizzywood username if u have a dizzywood acc. if u dont dont worry about it.



need help sending tags:

what you do is yo go to the link ‘send tags’ then you click on the tag u want to send  REMEMBER  the name u wanted to send it to.  click on the tag u want then it will take you to the our members page then you click on the name then the  persons edit page will pop up DO NOT REMOVE ANYTHING!!!  ok,  now all you do is you  act like you are adding a picture to the page  oh and remember the tag u wanted  lol.ok, you act like u r gonna add a pic to the page. the a small clear screen will pop up  NOW   look at the top and u will see the following  from computer, from url, Gallery,  media clik on media it will take you to a bunch of pictures remember the pic u wanted ok?.. now u search through the list of pics.. and clik on the tag u wanted and  but clik the word show next to the pic. scroll down and press ”insert  onto post”  the just move the tag  DOWN BY “MY TAGS on the persons page.  then put who the tag is from by ur tag u sent. THATS BASICLY IT…. lol 

uploading videos:


 wut u do is u go to edit at the VERRY BOTTOM OF YOR PAGE. the you  go to the top trst me if you know how to send tags you will know wut im talkin about there is a movie sighn at the top by the add a pic sighn  clik on the movie sighn the open another tab and go onto youtube  the all u do is look for  the video u want and  go for the  url code  and copy it  the go back to your other tab and  paste it on the url thing they ask for basicly  u dont close the clear screen that pops up  u just open another tab  and go onto youtube and copy the url  and go  back to  girlbook  tab and paste it… THATS ALL IF U STILL NEED HELP JUST  GO ONTO MY OAGE AND POST WUT SONG U WANT AND WHO ITS BY  AND I TRY AN LOOK FOR IT…

adding pictures:


ok, what you do is  you go to yout page and to go under the word options and press what u want to do or add, clik add image  then it will take u to another page with all the stuff u can add to your page click on the one u want and it  will take you to the add image page and just go trew the list  and remember the one u wanted  and press the wors show next to it. the scroll down and press insert onto post. THATS IT GUYS REELY EASY LOL OH AND I MADE IT EASIER…


et cetera